Below is a running parts list for items used within the Wall-E project. The majority of parts are sourced from ebay or 3d printed. I will be maintaining this list as the parts used changes and grows. Where possible photos and sources will also be added.

Nunchuk Remote






 nunchuk Wii Nunchuk Used as the primary input for the robot control. The Wii Nunchuk has 2 axis joystick, 3 axis accelerometer and 2 buttons which all provide input ebay £2.18
ProMini3v3 Arduino Pro Mini (3.3v 8Mhz) Primary micro processor mounted inside the Nunchuk to take I2C input from nunchuk sensors and send data over bluetooth to Wall-E ebay £2.59 (bought as 5 pack with usb adaptor @ £12.95)
bluetooth zs 040 ZS-040 Bluetooth transceiver Bluetooth transceiver capable of being master or slave and sending serial data over bluetooth connection. Configured as master in the remote and paired with an similar module configured as slave inside Wall-E ebay £2.46
dcdc boost DC-DC Boost Converter A boost converted to take the 3.1-4.2v from Li-Po battery to 5v required for the bluetooth transceiver ebay £1.09
LiPo240 3.7v Li-Po Protected Cell (240mAh) A small lithium cell with protection board built in ebay £2.99
JCTConnector JST Connector Standard JST connector for battery charging to allow the Li-Po to be charged using standard '4 button' charger. ebay £0.37 (bought as 10 pack for £3.65)
Slide switch SPDT Slide Switch Slide switch to switch power on-off for Arduino and bluetooth. ebay £0.39 (bought as 5 pack for £1.95)
RedLED Red LED Used to display the pairing status fo the bluetooth Already owned
1kResistor 1kΩ Resistor Current limiting resistor for the LED, this is very high value to keep the current consumption of the whole device as low as possible Already owned


Drive System (Tracks)

Photo Part Usage Source Cost
 2A L298N HBridge H-Bridge (L298N) Provides motor control for upto 2Amps. Controls both left and right track motors from PWM signals provided by motor control Arduino ebay £3.25
ProMini5v Arduino Pro Mini 5v 16Mhz Provides the PWM signals required to drive the H-Bridge from instructions given over the primary I2C bus ebay £1.26
 200RPM Motor 6v 200RPM Gear motor Motors for the tracks ebay £6.19 (each)
 Silver Filament 3D Printed parts (Filament) Silver ABS filament used for track parts ebay £9.87
 606zz bearings 6x17x6 Bearings (606zz) Bearings for rotating shafts ebay £4.83 (10 pack)
 M6 Threaded Rod M6 Threaded Rod Used for all rotating shafts ebay £9.29 (10 pack)
 M6Nut M6 Nuts & Washers Used to attach many parts Already owned 
 2mm rods 2mm Rods (x40) Used as reinforcement in many part to part attachment points (holes in CAD diagrams). Also used for track to track linkage ebay £2.72 (10 pack)


Animatronics (Head and Arms)

Photo Part Usage Source Cost
I2CServoController I2C Servo Controller Provides control of upto 16 servos from the primary I2C internal bus ebay £2.46
9g servo 9g Servo Used in head motive parts ebay £1.79 (each)


Main Body

Photo Part Usage Source Cost



Photo Part Usage Source Cost
ProMini5v Arduino Pro Mini 5v 16Mhz Provides interface between the primary I2C bus and and DFPlay MP3 module (Serial). Manages the playback of Wall-E sound files ebay £1.26
DFPlay DFPlay MP3 playback from SDCard with a serial interface ebay £1.77
 5v Power Speakers USB Speakers 5v USB powered speakers for sound output at enhanced volume ebay £2.50
 2G MicroSD 2Gb SD Card SD Card to hold MP3 sound files already owned



Photo Part Usage Source Cost
 OLEDDisplay 0.9" OLED Display Provides operation feedback in a very small display hidden on Wall-E body ebay £7.99
 ProMini5v Arduino Pro Mini 5v 16Mhz (x2) First ardiuno provides interface to primary I2C bus for accepting commands from bus master. Commands are then send over serial to the second arduino for display on the I2C OLED display. ebay £1.26


Battery Management

Photo Part Usage Source Cost
 ProMini5v Arduino Pro Mini 5v 16Mhz Used to Monitor LiPo cell voltage and control primary power availability to protect LiPo cells. Also provides battery information over the primary I2C bus for use by other modules (display). ebay £1.26
 Deans Plugs Deans T Plugs Used to attach the LiPo's to the primary power bus ebay £0.60 (£2.99 for 5 sets)
 LiPo5200 7.4v 5200mAh LiPo battery (x2) Provides primary power to Wall-E ebay £29.50 (both)
 MOSFET Logic MOSFET x2 Electronic power switch for primary power bus ebay £1.27 (each)
StepDown Buck Converter DC-DC Buck converters (x2) Variable voltage units used to step the LiPo 6.2-8.4v down to 5v (logic circuits) & 6v (motors) ebay £1.96 (each)


In addition most of the above groups also use copper strip board to hold the circuits, DIL sockets to attached the Arduinos to the boards and various cable connectors to attach the peripherals, power and I2C bus lines. Descrete elecontical components such a resistors and diodes are not shown unless they are finalised in the design.