When I decided to go back into robotics I wanted to build a platform for experimenting with autonomous robots. However I didn't just want a box on wheels or a couple of servos on a circuit board, I wanted something people could relate to. I made a short list of 3 which I would put to my wife and see what she thought.

First up we have Johnny 5 from the Short Circuit films and as my favorite robot of all time he made the list first.



Next up was R2D2, what seems like a simpler build and one with ALOT of online resources available.


and finally we have Wall-E because hes cute and at first glace seems like a simple build too (except the tracks maybe)

Wall E7

Given the choice my wife decided that I should build a Wall-E (the most romantic of the three) so this is what I started to do. Given that Wall-E was done in CGI and not built as a puppet like other on screen robots there are some things that Wall-E does that are not possible in the real world where we have to consider the physics involved and the requirement for actuators etc. However I like a challenge so work began.