WallE R2

Well after much work on both the track mechanical and the core electrical systems I have come to the conclusion that in the scale I want to work I cannot print the track system and would need off shelf parts for this. I could not find an off the shelf track system that was either a suitable size or a suitable look for this project. Given that my skills as a mechanical designer and also a bit lacking I have changed my focus to a R2-D2 droid.


The Wall-E project taught me a lot and I will be using much of the electrical and firmware work in the R2-D2 project but building the physical elements using someone else design. This is where James Bruton comes in as it's his R6 droid design I will be using.

James (XROBOTS) is a great Youtuber and designs some fantastic robotic and cosplay items, please consider supporting him via his patreon campaign at -> http://www.patreon.com/XRobots

James' design is a great starting point and although needs a little work to suit my needs the work is not beyond me. I will be doing the following changes......

  • Using blue filament in place of the orange making the main body more R2 than R6.
  • Re-working the arm hubs to fix the stability problem that James identified in the original design.
  • Re-work the head parts to fit a dome (R2 head) rather than the more cone shaped head of the R6 design.
  • Re-do the control system to take advantage of my work with Wall-E rather than the RC based design James opted for.
  • Re-work the printed parts to fit a more standard 200mmx200mm printer build volume so they are more universal (and fit my DaVinci).
  • Applying removable skins to the body shell.

These changes are not beyond my abilities and I will publish the updates for all to share at point during the project. The change from orange to blue will make this very much an R2 droid but not a strict copy of R2-D2. As I build up each section I plan to write up the instructions on my website under a new R2 Build Instructions section.