WallE R2

Well after much work on both the track mechanical and the core electrical systems I have come to the conclusion that in the scale I want to work I cannot print the track system and would need off shelf parts for this. I could not find an off the shelf track system that was either a suitable size or a suitable look for this project. Given that my skills as a mechanical designer and also a bit lacking I have changed my focus to a R2-D2 droid.

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While my printer churns away on the parts for the two track systems (80 hours and counting) I decided to complete the remote. As detailed in a previous post this is based on the Wii Nunchuk and sends data to Wall-E over Bluetooth. I wanted to keep the whole remote control as compact and unobtrusive as possible. The idea behind this is to allow Wall-E to appear independent when on show but actually being controlled from a distance.

Wii Complete

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In part 1 we looked at the start of the track system and the usage of the raw CAD provided by 'move_to' on thingiverse.


Wall E Tracks

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Below is a running parts list for items used within the Wall-E project. The majority of parts are sourced from ebay or 3d printed. I will be maintaining this list as the parts used changes and grows. Where possible photos and sources will also be added.

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I looked at many different methods of control and there are lots to choose from. However the Wii nunchuck came very high on this list for a few reasons. The nunchuck has 5 axis of control and 2 buttons in a very small package and some free space internally. This means I can do directional control, basic head control and trigger a couple of additional on/off functions all from a single controller.


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