One of the first things I printed after my E3Dv6 upgrade was a shelf to add a webcam inside my printer.

webcam shelf


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I wanted to add a webcam since my printer is plugged into an AstroBox that I built from a spare RapsberryPi (I have lots of those around) and adding the camera allows me to view the print as it's going without being in the same room. The AstraBox was built from the standard instructions and has been serving as my printer host since I put the Repetier firmware on the printer.

The AstroBox is stick to the back of the printer and the USB cable for the camera runs up and across the internal chassis attached via stick on hooks and exits through the gap between the printer body and the hinge of the lid. On exiting it plugs directly into the AstroBox and provides a live video feed from inside the machine. This is how AstroBox looks during a print.

AstroBox Webcam