In the previous post I showed how I used existing designs to mount 3rd party filament inside my XYZPrinting Da Vinci 1.0A printer. Now we just have to deal with the printers ability to track the filament in use. Inside each cartridge is a chip that tells the printer what filament is in the cartridge, what temprature to print it at and how much is left. As you print the printer updates this chip to reduce the value of how much is left.

DaVinci CartChip

So what can we do about this chip. There are two options.......we can completely replace the firmware on the printer with Repetier which offers some nice improvements over the standard XYZPrinter firmware but at the time of writing it is a NON-REVERSABLE process for the 1.0A printer. Since my printer works well on the stock firmware and my only objection is the expensive nature of the cartridges I decided to keep my existing firmware and look at the other options.

The second option available is to periodically update the data inside this tracking chip. To this end there are several companies offering reset tools for this chip. These tools are based on the ardunio platform and various styles of printed case. As the ardunio code and case design are both opensource and I have loads of spare ProMini's around from the Wall-E project I decided that this is road I would take.

My supplied cartridge came with 120m of ABS in a Neutral colour. This I have been using to do all my prints so far but now it's time to get my resetter up and running.

I downloaded the case design from thingiverse user


The picture on thinigverse shows it using a 3v lithium button cell but since I have lots of power options in my workshop I will use the serial port to power it so I can see feedback while the reset is done. I'm using the standard Ardunio ProMini 3v3......


......loaded with the sketch for doing the reset from Voltivo supply 3rd party filament for 3D printers and have been kind enough to opensource there resetting tool for the Ardunio platform.

The sketch allows us to set a few parameters in the cartridge.

1. The length of filament that we want the cartridge to report as having (I used 240m as this is standard XYZPrinting cartridge length)

Filament Length

2. The temperature that the filament should print at. I know from experience with my previous printer that my 3rd party ABS is happy at 230 (XYZPrinting standard is 212 for their ABS) so I have updated this as well.

Filament Temp

The sketch will also change the cartridge serial number stored on the chip so making the printer believe this is a new cartridge. A great guide for these settings was doing by Florian Uhlemann.....

I printed the case from thingiverse and tried in my cartridge. Unfortunately the new style cartridge designed to allow for spool replacement has a tapered hole so I had to sand the sides of my print down to match the taper. I was also unable to get hold of the spring pins this case was designed for but having checked the clearance in the cartridge hole these can be replaced with bent wire. This was unfortunately unsuccessful so I ditched the case and went with touch pins on wires from the Ardunio. This worked perfectly and is an ok solution given that I only need to do a reset for temperature changes or every 240m of filament.

DaVinci ResetterPins

DaVinci FinalResetter

This interfaces with the cartridge chip as (Red +, White SIG, Black -).....

CartridgeChip Pins

My printer firmware is 2.0.1 which was the latest when the printer was delivered (march 2016). The reset tool worked perfectly on the cartridge that was supplied with my printer. I have my first print using the ABS I bought for my original printer and the 3rd party filament changes I have made to my Da Vinci 1.0A. This just a basic 1.75mm filament clip to keep the rolls tidy but made an excellent test print

DaVinci FirstAftermarket