One of the first things I printed after my E3Dv6 upgrade was a shelf to add a webcam inside my printer.

webcam shelf

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My E3Dv6 finally arrived and I had a fun Sunday stripping down the printer and fitting both it and new print bed surface (arrived a few days before).

e3d v6

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I now have over 300h of printing on my DaVinci 1.0A and the extruder was starting to jam more than I was prepared to tolerate. 3D Printing is not a perfect system and clogging is expected, especially when using lower quality plastics from china (ebay). However there comes a point where getting a good print is difficult since the jams I'm experiencing cause one poor layer or a complete print failure every 1-2 prints now. I did however track down the problem.....

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While I have not had issues with filament tension or the extruder motor not being powerful enough to pull it off the reel I do feel I could improve on my existing path. First a bit of history.....

When I first reflashed my DaVinci to run the Repetier firmware I printed a new spool holder for use inside the machine and the parts required to feed this to the extruder.

This works ok but I cant help but tinker and incrementally upgrade my machine ;)

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I now have many hours on my DaVinci1.0A printer and I have been very happy with it. However recently I have noticed that mid print the extruder is starting to jam and causing printing issues. After much investigation I found that there is a large amount of heat bleed from the extruder to the stepper motor while in operation. Using genuine XYZPrinting filament this is likely not an issue since the printing temp is lower than that required by cheaper ABS. However the ABS I'm using is typically printing at a temp of ~20c higher than the XYZPrinting filament. 

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