Its been a couple weeks since I ran out of Black ABS filament and it's been back-ordered in China (I was sent 3mm by mistake before they realised they were out of stock, my machine is 1.75mm only). While I waited for this to arrive I decided to use some of my spare blue ABS on a plug and play rack system for my Raspberry Pi servers.

I have a number of Raspberry Pi's performing several server based tasks. These range from the original Model B to the B+, 2B and now a couple of 3's. The form factor of the 2B and 3 are identical so I focused on these, the two remaining servers I have running on the older form factor (Asterisk VoIP system & Direct to Disk SAN backup) will remain as they are. Never one to reinvent the wheel I looked around the web for an existing design and stumbled across this....


Many thanks go to Dave Pedu who did the original design for this project here

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